Welcome to Invidia Wedding Choir

People often ask us what we do. Well, imagine this.

It’s your wedding day and you are about to walk up the aisle.

The church looks beautiful. Everything is quiet and you can smell the beautiful scent of the flowers all around you. Your guests and loved ones have already taken their seats, their faces beaming in anticipation, and are eagerly awaiting your entrance. You are ready. Maybe a bit nervous, but definitely happy and excited that this is your day. It has finally arrived.

All of a sudden, you hear the beautiful sound of a piano. This is your cue to start walking. The Invidia choir joins in, in beautiful 6 part harmony. It’s the song you picked to walk down the aisle to; a song which will become the soundtrack of your wedding ceremony and will forever remind you and your guests of this beautiful day.

Everything is going great. The choir is leading the hymns and you and your fiancé are taking it all in. It’s now time to sign the register. For this part, you and your fiancé have chosen 2 more songs out of the choir’s repertoire, and your guests are loving every minute. There is smiling, clapping and even a tear or two.

At the end of the ceremony, as you walk out as a married couple, our voices are belting out a happy upbeat tune, maybe “Everlasting Love”, “Higher and Higher” or “Oh Happy Day” . This was no ordinary ceremony. This was YOUR wedding ceremony. A unique, uplifting and memorable event to start off your lives together.

This is what we do. And we would love to do it for you.

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watch video